Be:Spoken trainers are curious about their clients. They know how to draw out your know-how by asking the right questions and help you improve your skills by creating the right material. At the beginning of the course, we conduct a needs analysis so we deliver on what you want to learn, and track your progress throughout the course with focused feedback.

Our classes are mostly conversation-driven to help improve your communication skills in your target language. The needs and competences you demonstrate when you speak are the basis for our curriculum. These classes are designed for you. Being emotionally engaged and having fun are essential for deep learning. We incorporate empathy and fun into our teaching style.


Catherine Lejtenyi

Born in Montreal, Canada, Catherine grew up bilingual, speaking English and French. Her degrees in philosophy and literature pushed her to study German in Berlin, where she settled with great enthusiasm in 2006.

That was when she garnered her experience teaching Business English in a variety of environments to everyone from C-level executives to support staff. An entrepreneur as well as a communication coach, Catherine founded Be:Spoken in 2013 as a platform to provide language services tailored to the client’s specific needs.

With her dedication to developing the international identity, Catherine is a certified ORSCTM coach. Her goal is not only to make her clients interculturally competent, she helps them become global citizens.

The daughter of a Hungarian refugee who participated in the 1956 revolution, Catherine was always inspired by her father’s transformation into a successful businessman able to build a career for himself in a new country and language. This model and drive are what she brings to her European clients and she is equally thrilled by their success stories on the global market.


Mariana Rajic

Mariana’s fascination with languages began early, with Croatian at home and French at school and in her French Canadian community. English soon followed and then German in college and university, where she studied Education with a specialisation in language acquisition.

After teaching at a prestigious elementary school for a number of years, Mariana relocated to Europe in 2004, where she pursued her other passion, this time for international communication, focusing on strategic employer branding. Her career took her to London, Paris and finally Berlin. With Be:Spoken, Mariana is able to merge her two professional passions, her expertise in both fields enabling her to understand and respond to the changing market needs for Business English and international communication.

Conceived in Croatia, born in Canada, Mariana has always been international. Her gifts for openness, observation and curiosity have been the foundation upon which she has built a successful international career, gifts she is eager to share with the world.

The Be:Spoken Team

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