Unique communication and identity workshops led by a certified integral and systems coach.

  • Cultures are only as real as the people who make them. In our globalised age, groups and teams, from families to political bodies to multinational corporations, are increasingly international. The potential for innovation and creativity is enormous – but so is the potential for miscommunication and imbalance. With the proper attention and goodwill, cultural differences can become the raw material for cooperation and productivity.

International teams have a life, identity – and language – of their own. To optimise and ensure “deep democracy” at the core of global relationships, Be:Spoken offers special coaching workshops to develop the international identities of teams and the individuals who compose them while also improving your English as the lingua-franca.

Unity in Diversity. Using a variety of ORSCTM (Organisation and Relationship Systems Coaching) coaching techniques, we reveal and reinforce the qualities in individuals and teams that make them a united international whole from their culturally diverse parts. The participants decide together for themselves how their internationalism expresses itself.

The Be:Spoken motto is Cherish where you come from; connect with where you’re going. We agree: United we stand, divided we fall.

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Mobile. Targeted. Effective. Get the results you want from your communication with workshops for specific business skills. Wherever your office is, we come to you and hone your competences until you master the topic of your choice.

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Weekly or intensive courses in English tailored to the clients' company, industry — and interests. Our teachers are native speakers from around the globe and highly-qualified to bring out your best in English. We build on your existing know-how and help you achieve your future goals.

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